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* 1.0", Threaded Spout w/optional 2.25" and 3.0" O.D Stepped Spout Openings. * The Pour Spout neck can be enlarged from the 1.0" threaded section to 2.25" & up to 3.0” O.D * Full Length Gripping Handle with 1-1/2" I.D Built-in Vent, also works as 2nd Fill from location without having to remove the Hose Kit. * Reinforced Gripping Handle makes Solo carrying easy. * Military Grade Vent Tube Expansion Plug for the Vent Tubes breather opening. * 1.0" Threaded Pour Spout Cap. * Security Slot for locking down thru the Gripping Handle to prevent theft, perfect for securing to truck beds, trailers Etc.. * Exact Gallon Markings molded in on the side. * Comes with a warranty against leaking or cracking.