OPW Racejackers

OPW Racejackers are designed not only for Tuff Truck Vehicles & Rock Crawlers but also for the weekend warrior. We teamed up with Sway a Way, better known as Race Runner in the USA & use their existing 2.5" Air Shock Design, Sway a Way make a special part number only applicable to OPW. External modifications have been made to accept our trapped coil over arrangement which allow the coil to not only compress but also extend giving extension tension. Acting exactly like a sway bar, giving you the ultimate in travel & stability. The shock is also very compact in it’s design. The use of air combined with the coil gives you a complete range of adjustment in spring rate, so if your initial estimations are out then no need to just throw it all away & buy new coils. Additional fully controllable Hydraulic Travel of up to 16" on a 16" 2.5 Air Shock & 14" on a 14" Shock. Call us for more info.

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