Tuff Truck Challenge

OPW have been proud sponsors of the Tuff Truck Challenge since 2005 when we built the travel ramp to test the articulation of competitive vehicles. We have been a major sponsor every year since as we see great value from been partnered with Australia's biggest offroad 4x4 competition. This is the perfect event for us to show our range of competitive offroad performance products. Nearly every competitor in the field will be running high quality components sourced through OPW.

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Team OPW

OPW in partnership with Peter Antunac built the Team OPW Tuff Truck. Peter Antunac has competed in the event numerous times and together with team mate Tarrant "Tazz" Baguley have taken the coveted Tuffest Truck award 3 times. In 2009 Peter withdrew from competing at Tuff Truck when buying the event and taking on the role as event Director. Tazz, together with brother Tristan, have teamed up carry on driving the Team OPW truck to consistent high podium placings.

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