• CBR Pump
  • Steering Helm Unit
  • Cooler
  • HD Tie Rod Kit
  • CBR Pump Bracket to suit LS1-2 etc

PSC Full Hydro Double Ended Ram Front Steer Kit 6" Ram


Price: $2,550.00

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This is not a standard PSC Kit, rather an OPW specific kit that we have put together based on our years of competition experience.

This kit includes a number of upgrades and also components that others class as extras all added to improve strength and ensure high performance.

Don't be let down by a cheaper kit....

Kit Includes

* 2226K - 2.25" bore x 6" stroke Double Ended Ram

* SC14 Ram Clevis kit

* TR100 Tie Rod Kit

* Upgrade to High Performance CBR pump

* 6" V Pulley or 6" Serpentine Pulley (please specify)

* Steering Valve (helm) unit

* Steering Valve mount,

* 4.75" Mini Steer Column

* Extra Long Ram Hose Kit for Right Hand Drive Vehicles

* Remote Steer Reservoir and Hose Kit

* 15" Double Pass Alloy Cooler

Note - as a guide 6" stroke ram suits Suzuki and Hilux Diffs - you will need to confirm the stroke you require though for your specific set up as it will depend on the specific steering arms you are using.